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Angličtina 8. A, skupina p. Bokové

Publikováno: 11.5.2021 Autor(ka): Anna Boková
Angličtina 8. A, skupina p. Bokové

9th - 13th of May

Hello everybody :), 


Don't forget about the speaking today.


Here are your tasks: 

1. Reading p. 60

- do exercises  2 and 3, you can work on it during the online lesson

2. look at the vocabulary chapter 5C and learn the new words


=> that's all, have a nice week :)





3rd - 7th of May


Hello boys and girls!,


hopefully, you will be back at school soon :) But 1 or 2 weeks of distance learning is ahead of us, so let's do our best in online lessons. 

Here are your tasks: 

1. Today -> speaking

2. WB p. 46, ex. 5

3. SB p. 59, ex. 4 - rewrite into your exercise books, send a picture


Have a great week and see you today!





26th - 30th of April

Hello everybody!


this week, we will still focus on passive voice - different tenses:


eg.: You will be taught (by me) on Tuesday.

       The zoo has been visited by many people.

        The zoo in Olomouc was visited by my daughters and me on Saturday.


Here are your tasks: 

1. SB p. 58 ex. 1 - read the comic and write down all the passives to your exercise books

present simple: is presented

past simple: was won

future simple: will be given

present perfect: ....

- rozdělte si to takto podle časů a vypište všechny tvary pasívu, které v textu najdete.

- send a picture

2. WB p. 46, ex. 1, 3 - send a picture

3. Prepare speaking for 3 full minutes (připravte si speaking v délce 3 minut), you can choose these topics:

a) climate change - what is it, what are the problems? What does cause it? 

b) https://www.bridge-online.cz/wp-content/uploads/G-CZ-MAG-2021-05-nahled.pdf

- read article p. 16, 17 

- how was the year of online learnig for you? How did you deal with it? 

- What was positive/negative about it? 

I will give you marks for the speaking. 


Ze speakingu oznámkuji všechny, buďte připraveni. 


That's all, have a great sunny week!




the 19th - 23rd of April


Hello boys and girls, 


this week, you won't have to send anything to me, but you will PRACTISE online: 

Here are your tasks: 

1) Vocabulary exercises: 



2) Reading comprehension

- short article, 4 questions. Difficult words are underlined and when you point on it, it shows the Czech translation.


3) Rozhodni, zda je věta aktivní / pasivní



That's all for this week, have a wonderful day :)




the 12th  - 16th of April

Hello boys and girls :),


This week, we will focus on PASSIVE VOICE. Here are your tasks: 

1) GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY PRACTISE:  WB p. 44, ex. 1,2 and 3.

2) LISTENING: SB p. 57, ex. 6a and 6b

=> send pictures 

3) write 3 sentences in passive (3 facts). One will be a lie. Next lesson, you will present your sentences and we will guess which are true and which are false. 


Jewish people were killed in WW2.

First car was made in 1569. 

Concerts are cancelled due to coronavirus. 


That's all for this week, work on your homework and don't forget it! 


Have a great, sunny and warm week :)




the 6th - 9th of April


Hello everybody, 

this week we will revise and start a new chapter - UNIT 5.


Here are your tasks: 


1) Revision: Do exercises WB p. 42 ex. 2,3 and 5

Look at exercises 1 and 2, WB p 40

Thursday: 10:40 - test (+/- 20 min)



=> practise new grammar, passive, we will introduce the topic in online lesson


3) read the article in SB, p. 56 about Climate change,do the exercise 3a - write it in your exercise book, send me a picture


That's all, have a good week!


Anna Boková



the 29th - 31st of March

Hello children!


Easter is coming, so we will talk about Easter traditions, typical food and customs. 


1. Read and listen to a short text about Easter, to the exercise below the text. 


2. Read about Easter traditions in the UK and US


3. Do the quiz about Easter: 



4. Write 3 sentences about traditions in the Czech Republic to your exercise book. 



That is all :) Enjoy the holidays and be safe and healthy!


Anna Boková


the 22nd - 27th of March


Hello everybody! 

This week, we will start chapter 4C, you will find the real you and find out whether you are a pessimist or an optimist. 


Here are your tasks: 

1. p. 49, ex 5a Listen to a scary story in sounds and do the exercises below. 



Napiš alespoň 10 vět k tomuto poslechu podle vzoru. 

I heard the wind blowing. I didn't her anyone singing. 

Send me a picture!


2. WB p. 38, ex. 1, 2 and 3


3. For the next lesson (Tuesday, 1st April) read and listen the story KIDS (p. 50, ex. 1 and 2). 



Thank you and have a great week!


Anna Boková


the 15th - 19th of March

Hello boys and girls!

Here are your tasks: 

This week, we will talk about this structure: 

1) Copy this to your exercise book: 


There's someone/something + ing

I can see/hear/feel/smell/notice someone/something + ing

=> pomocí těchto vazeb popisujeme, co osoby dělají

There's someone climbing a tree. 

I can smell something burning. 


2) Read the comics p. 46 - na úterný hodinu mějte prosím přečteno!

3) WB, p .36, ex 1 and 3

 - send a picture till Friday


That's all, have a good and relaxing week :)





8th - 12th of March

Hello everybody!

I hope you had fun during holidays and that you are relaxed and ready for English!


This week, you will work with Workbook, Student's book and online exercises.

1. Grammar - Today, I will tell you which slide of the presentation you should copy. Please copy these grammar notes into your exercise books and learn the rules.

2. Grammar practise:

WB, p. 34, ex. 3, 4, 5 and 6



3. Writing: 

SB p. 45, ex. 7a => write sentences about your own life (8 sentences). You can write it as a text document (doc, odt) and send it to me via e-mail 



Thank you and have a great week!






23rd of February

Hello children, 

HW - finish the exercise p. 44, ex 3a (dokončete cvičení 3a na straně 44 v učebnici)


Best regards,




22nd - 26th of February


Hello boys and girls :)

Thank you for sending  such beautiful letters. It really pleased me. 


This week, we will finish speaking about a healthy, balanced diet. 


Here are your tasks for this week: 

1. p. 29 ex 4 and 5, p.32 ex. 3 - do it before the online lesson - there's going to be a vocabulary test (chapter 3C) - problems and its treatment. (Test vám slibuji už minimálně dva týdny :), takže to před prázdninami ještě stihneme)

2. read a text about King Arthur (p. 44 - Students' book), you can also listen to it HERE

- do the exercises 2a and 3a, I will check it AFTER holidays


That's all :)

Enjoy the holidays next week, watch a favourite movie, read a favourite book.... go outside, be in the fresh air and rest :)


Have a good week, 





15th - 19th of February

Hello everybody!


This week you will rest a little.


Nezapomeňte se připravovat na speaking (healthy diet, your personal diet)


Here are the tasks for this week: 

1) watch a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdKZepHMFWE

 It's about St. Valentine. I recommend turning the subtitles on, you can also switch them into Czech

=> answer the questions: 

             1.What couln't the emperor's soilders do? 

             2. How did Valentine help them? 

             3. What was the miracle? 

             4. How did he sign the last letter? 

=> Write answers to the exercise book. 

2)write a short letter (70 words) to your friend/mum/dad/boyfriend saying: 

- how much the person means to you => jak moc pro vás daná osoba znamená

- favourite memory you have with the person => oblíbená vzpomínka

- what you thank her/him for => za co jste jí/jemu vděční


=>text pošlete do pátku ke kontrole.ÚKOL JE NA ZNÁMKY, není nutné, aby osoba byla "skutečná", můžete si vymyslet. 


Tento týden se tedy soustřeďte na napsání textu. Použijte např. modální slovesa: 

would like to ........ see you/be with you/ spend time with you

could/couldn't imagine .....


When I look at you I.....

When I remember that time...

=> používejte přídavná jména 


That's all for this week :) 



Anna Boková





8th - 12th February

Hello boys and girls, 

this week it's going to be about speaking. You should prepare a speaking about a healthy diet and your personal eating habits. 

1. online lesson = speaking

- please listen to your classmates during the lesson - I will ask you follow-up questions. 

2. SB p. 37, ex. 6a  LISTENING


-v hodině spolu projdeme poslech - pacient 1

- vaším úkolem bude do sešitu odpovědět na otázky 6a, a vyplnit tabulky 6b u pacienta č. 2

=> vypsat do sešitu

- send a picture 


3. WB p. 29, ex. 4 and 5a,b

=> tato cvičení jsou na slovní zásobu, učte se, příští týden bude opět online test na slovíčka

- send a picture


Have a great week and see you tomorrow :)


Anna Boková




1st - 5th of February


Hello everybody!


This week, we will concentrate on new vocabulary, we will talk about a healthy diet and different kinds of medical problems and treatments. 


Here are your tasks: 


1) revise should/might, relative clauses: do the online exercise, printscreen it for me - send me the picture. 



2) WB p 28, exercise 1,2 and 3 - reading

- zde přiřadit 4 články k obrázkům, poté vybrat správný nadpis (cvičení 2) a doplnit tabulku (cvičení 2). Ve sloupci C doplnit vlastní příklady z textu. 


3) Připravte si speaking na téma Healthy diet, my eating habits - v následujících hodinách si vždy 2 - 3 lidi prozkouším. 



That's all, have a great week!


Anna Boková

25th - 28th of January

Hello boys and girls!


Those who have magazines - GATE, you can come to the school and pick it up. 


Last week, you had a lot of homework, so this week won't be so demanding.

1) Online practise: use who/that: https://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/relative-clauses-exercise-1.html

2) students' book p. 36/ex. 1 a 2, here's the listening

=>write answers to your exercise book

=> look at exercise 2 - describe your diet for a typical day - write it to your exercise book

have it prepared for the online lesson next week, I will check it in the class. 


That's all, enjoy the day off on Friday. 


Anna Boková


18th - 22nd of January


Hello everybody :) I hope you are enjoying freezing weather outside! 

This week, we will continue with relative pronous (that, who, which) and finally, there's going to be the test (present perfect, vocabulary chapter 2)

Here are your tasks: 

1) WB p 25, ex 2 and 4 => send me the picture

2) napište 4 věty s použitím that, who, which

=> send me the picture

např: To je dům, která se mi líbí. This is the house that I really like. 

3) Napište si zápis do sešitu: 


- modální sloveso

- používáme k "udílení" rad => měl bys/neměl bys něco udělat

- ve všech osobách má toto sloveso stejný tvar

You should eat a lot of vegetables. 

You shouldn't eat junk food. He shouldn't watch TV so much. 

? otázka:    Should I take the bus to school? - pouze prohodíme podmět se slovesem should

Might/might not

might and might not vyjadřuje, že něco v budoucnu bude/nebude možné. 

- další modální sloveso, má stejný tvar ve všech osobách.

I might be there, too.  - Možná tam také budu. 

He might arrive tomorrow. I don't know. - Možná přijede zítra. Nevím. 

You might burn your arm - Mohl by sis spálit ruku. 

You shouldn't use headphones when there is traffic. You might not hear a car.  Možná neuslyšíš auto. 


4) procvičte v pracovním sešitě: 26, ex. 1 and 2


=> send me the picture


That's all! Have a good week and be prepared tomorrow for the test!


Anna Boková




12th of January

Na test příští úterý si zopakujte tvoření předpřítomného času!





procvičte si!


výrazy, které nám "napovídají" použití PAST SIMPLE: last year, last month, ago, until 2010, in 2009, yesterday

=> vše, co určuje přesně konec daného děje v minulosti nebo to, že je děj ukončený

výrazy, které napovídají použití PRESENT PERFECT

=> so, so far, since, for, now apod.


Platí také, že si máte zopakovat cvičení, která jsem vám vypsala níže. 


Anna Boková


the 11th - 15th of January

Hello everybody!

This week there's going to be a UNIT test. 

Tuesday online lesson: 

Revision for the test - present perfect x past simple, adjectives/nouns, vocabulary

Připravte si následující cvičení: 

SB p 30/1a

WB p 18/2

WB p 22/2, 3a,b

=> tato cvičení mějte nachystaná na úterní hodinu, společně si je projdeme


TEST: úterý 9:50 (20-25 min). Účast je POVINNÁ. 

That's all for this week. Prepare for the test :)....







the 4th- 8th January


Hello boys and girls!


I hope you had great holidays. Now it's time to focus on English again :)

This week is going to be mainly about vocabulary. We are starting a new unit - Health and safety


1) read the vocabulary p. 82 (WB) - 3A + parts of the body. Learn the vocabulary

2) SB p 32 ex. 1b - listen to the parts of the body, 1a - write the names of the body parts (you should know the orange numbers)

3) read the article - ex. 2 a

4) WB p 24 ex. 1 a) and 1 b)

=> do the crossword and ex. b  => send me the picture of the completed page 24

That's all for this week!


See you on Tuesday in the online class!



Anna Boková


the 14th December - the 18th of December


Hello everybody, 

This week, you are going to read about Christmas and watch a video about it. Tomorrow, we will talk about it during our online lesson. 


1. Here's the link for reading:  https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/uk-now/read-uk/christmas

2. Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2W3QR9WXdA

3. Write 1 or 2 sentences what does Chrismas mean to you. Send it to my e-mail :)


That's all, enjoy the week!


Anna Boková




the 30th November- the 4th of December

Hi everybody!

Just one more week and you are going to be back at school!


This week, you will only have 2 tasks: 

1. revise vocabulary => nouns x adjectives (attached in files - file n.3), LEARN the words + vocabulary chapter 2C (at school => short vocabulary test)

2. Listening p. 25, ex. 5a and b + 6a


 - listen carefully and answer the questions

- send me the answers


That's all!


Have a great week and see you next Monday!



Anna Boková





the 23rd - 27th of November

Hello :) 

Soon, we'll see each other in person. Now, we have to more weeks of offline and online lessons.


Here are the tasks: 

1) read the vocabulary in the workbook, chapter 2C

2) read the story called FAME - SB p. 24  and do the ex. 1 and 2 => write the answers to your exercise book and send it to me.

3) Look at the vocabulary on page 25, ex. 3a => copy the table to your exercise books - we will do it tomorrow in the online lesson. 


That's all, have a great week and see you tomorrow!


Anna Boková



the 16th - 20th of November

Hello to everyone :)


I hope you are relaxed after the weekend. We aren't having the lesson tomorrow, but I would be pleased to see you on Thursday. If you can, please come. 


Here are the tasks for this week: 

1) SB p. 23, ex. 8 - listening, choose the correct meaning

2) Online practise - do exercises on your own

Positive/affirmative sentence: 


e.g. I have studied French.

Negative sentence


- e.g.: We haven't gone to Paris


3)The last task: 

Why do we celebrate public holiday on the 17th of November? - A little look into Czech history!

=> write 4 sentences to your exercise book


=> send me pictures of these tasks till Friday.


Have a great week!




the 9th - 13th of November

link na online lekce je ZDE


Hello everybody!

I'm looking forward to our online lesson tomorrow! 

Be prepared and see you tomorrow. 


Here are the tasks for this week:

1) p 16, ex 1,2 and 3 => I will give you marks for this exercise. Send it till Friday!

2) Online lesson: chapter 2B, reading and listening, For/since, present perfect

=> we'll do the exercise, explain grammar

3) Copy the exercise 5a to your exercise books

5a, 5b - vyplnit a opsat do sešitu


4)Practise: past simple x present perfect



That's all for this week!

Enjoy and don't forget to send me the homework in workbook! 


Anna Boková



6th November, Friday

Unit test 1

please join the meeting at 8:30. Here's the link:




Here, I'll give you the link for the test and when you fill it in, you can log off. 




2nd - 6th of November

Hello dear students, 


I hope you are well rested after holidays :)


Here are some information in Czech: 


Pravidla práce: 

1. úkoly odevzdat vždy do pátku. Později zaslané práce bez předchozí omluvy budou známkovány. 

2. online hodiny jsou povinné - je nutné se z nich omlouvat třídnímu učiteli. Během online hodin mějte připraveny sešity, učebnice i pracovní sešity a psací potřeby. Budu vyžadovat, abyste se při odpovídání vždy zapli i na kameře, případně ukázali, co jste napsali. 

3. online testy - pravděpodobně budu využívat platformu live worksheets. Link na test vám zveřejním vždy v daný čas a také jej v daný čas smažu. Prosím buďte při psaní testu poctiví. 


Here are the tasks for you: 

We are starting a new chapter this week:

1) Vocabulary 2A - read and learn

2) Reading p 20, do exercise 1 and 2 => Please read the article BEFORE the lesson

3) Online lesson: Tuesday 9:50 - 10:35 OBLIGATORY (povinná)

=> revision of Present Perfect, explanation of grammar, usage


LINK: https://meet.google.com/jrs-kxpt-yxx

4) WB - chapter 2A, ex. 1, 2 and 3

5) Thursday - online lessson (voluntary- dobrovolná)

=> in this lesson, we can revise for the test together (progress check)

6) FRIDAY - Unit Test 1,  8:30 - 9:00

used to,

could/couldn't, have to/didn't have to

vocabulary - materials (leather, silk, cotton etc. - look at the vocabulary in the workbook, p. 80 (I think :) )



See you tomorrow - online lesson! 

Have a great week!







Dobrý den,  žáci 8.A

Prosím o pochopení, musím naši zítřejší lekci přesunout na pátek. 
Je to z toho důvodu, že se kryjeme s paní Bartečkovou a navíc mám online konferenci v rámci projektu, do kterého je škola zapojená (trvá celé dopoledne). 
Uděláme lekci dohromady - v pátek v 11:00, měl by tam být i Tony :)
Přeji hezký den a ať se vám daří!


the 19th - 23rd of October

Prosím přečtěte si pozorně následující informace!

Děti! Dnes jsme zjistili, že jitsi meet nefunguje. Proto je potřeba, abyste si dnes zařídili účet google (gmail). Postup přikládám do souborů. 

Každý mi prosím dnes napište, jestli se Vám to podařilo - vyzkoušejte se přihlásit do google meet.

Pro přihlášení do lekce použijte tento link:



Zde zadání úkolů na tento týden. Prosím plňte úkoly tak, abyste je nejpozději v pátek zaslali. Nehromaďte si práci na konec týdne! 

Úkoly zaslané po termínu už nebudu akceptovat. 


1) Halloween

- attached are pictures of the article in Gate (those who have the magazine find page 6 and 7)

- read the article about frightening festivals and listen to it HERE

- we're going to discuss Halloween and our festivals on Thursday (online lesson) with Tony


2) Revision - Workbook

p. 11 ex 6

p. 12 and 13, ex. 1,4, 5

=> send me a picture

=> after holidays, there's going to be a test! (online if necessary)


3)Revision of used to:

Ex. 1

Ex. 2



Have a great time and send me the homework!! Don't forget about the online lesson on Thursday :)



Anna Boková




the 12th of October


Dear students :), hello again!


I am not very pleased that we have to "function" online, but I am sure you will work well! Mostly, you will work with the students book and the workbook, possibly there are going to be some online exercises. 


1. Send me the exercises till FRIDAY (at the latest). Those who won't send their work will be graded. Send pictures of completed exercises. (Pošlete úkoly, jinak vaši "nepráci" oznámkuji)

2. All of those who ordered GATE have to bring the money on MONDAY (19th October) You HAVE TO bring the money! => Je nutné, abyste donesli peníze za GATE v pondělí 19.10.

3. During the week, I'll let you know the test results (via Bakaláři). 

Zkratky: SB (students book - kniha) WB (workbook - pracovní sešit), p. - strana, ex. - exercise(cvičení)


Here are the Tasks

1. Copy the notes on past modals into your exercise books (přiložený soubor - přepište si zápis v sešitě)

2. SB, p. 15, ex 6 - write it into your exercise books, send me the picture

3. SB, p. 15, ex 7a - write sentences about yourself - into exercise book, send me the picture

4. WB, p. 10, ex 1,2,3,4 - send me the picture


Online exercise - revision of past simple/past continuous


I wish you good luck and don't forget to send me the exercises! :)


Have a great week, see you on Monday 19th!